Complex Event Processing and Carrier Hotel New York City – What do they have in common?


carrier hotel2

This is the place of Carrier Hotel in Manhattan. This is the place where the internet fiber channel cables come out. And then the web is distributed to the other buildings. As you might imagine seconds count when it comes to high frequency trading. The question is “what if I was a few milliseconds infront of my competitor?” Could speed of data matter in such cases. Could a distance of few blocks create a significant diference?  Yes they could. and yes it did.

carrier hotel3

Auto trader algorithms like the Carnival, Boston Shuffler, the knife running at Carrier Hotel will beat others down the road. Becouse they are close to the data stream.
Could this be modeled for the planet? Could we actually know where to mount servers?

YES we can. SURE we did. For the full story you can read the PATENT of Alex.

carrier hotel6

Here is the topology that you might want to trade. Smile


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