a Note From Time – From life of Denzel Washington


I was 20 years old I was at my lowest point and then one day. And I remember the exact day March 27 1975. I was helping my mother in a beauty shop my mother owned a beauty shop up in Mount Vernon. And there’s there was this older woman who was considered one of the elders in the town and I didn’t know her personally but I was looking in the mirror and every time I looked at the mirror. I could see her behind me and she
was staring at me she just kept looking at me every time I looked at her she kept giving me these strange looks. so she finally took the
dryer off her head and said to some she said something I’ll never forget first of all she said – “somebody give me a piece of paper give me a piece of paper”. She said young boy I have a prophecy a spiritual prophecy she said
“you are going to travel the world and speak to millions of people”
Imagine I’m 20 years old I’m flunked out of school in fact like a wise ass I’m thinking to myself maybe she’s got something in that crystal ball about me getting back into school next fall, but maybe she was on to something because later that summer while working as a counselor at the YMCA Camp in Connecticut. We put on a talent show for the campers and after the show another counselor came up to me and asked have you ever thought about acting you’re good at that. So when I got back to Fordham that fall I got in I changed my major once again for the last time and in the years that followed. Just as that woman prophesies I have traveled the world and I have spoken to millions of people through my movies.

Dreams without goals are just dreams. And ultimately, they fuel disappointment.
On the road to achieving your dreams, you must apply discipline, but more importantly, consistency.
Because without commitment, you will never start, but without consistency, you will never finish.

“Don’t be complacent – Just Focus on your Commitment and Complacency”

Now the big question is “If he had not meet that Lady? Could he still be what he is today?”


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