Next Generation Programming Languages–Is Dall E a next generation development platform?


The document below is a must read document for all.

DALL·E has not explicitly been ‘taught’ anything, like who Frida Kahlo is, or what a llama looks like, or what a wide-angle lens does. It has just studied 650 million images & captions, and left to draw its own conclusions.

That’s why there can’t be a regular ‘manual’ , based on functionality that the developers intentionally programmed in.

Even the creators of DALL·E cannot be sure what DALL·E has or hasn’t ‘learned’ , or what it thinks different phrases mean. Instead, we have to ‘discover’ what DALL·E is capable of, and how interacts. This document is a start!


Here is the manual of Dall e: 

The-DALL·E-2-prompt-book-v1.02.pdf (

It it disappears here is the local link .. You never know



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