Should Pragmatic Chaos or Epagogix determine future of our human entertainment?


Cinematch, Dinasour Planet, and finally Pragmatic Chaos –predicting what movie you might want to watch- is determining  60% of the movies being rented. Pragmatic Chaos got the 1 million dollar prize. Prize for reading what is in your brain. The above photo is from the ceremony in New York City. (20 Sept 2009) for more photos visit.

On the other side of the equation we have companies like Epagogix. In their web site they define their business as “…Epagogix helps studios to identify, enhance and deliver on-screen success, and guides investors in the creation of winning film-related investments. Epagogix works confidentially with the senior management of major film studios and large independents, assisting with the selection and development of scripts, helping to transform scripts with low Box Office revenue potential into properties that can be profitably produced and distributed, and identifying scripts with a low probability of commercial success….”

That means they come with movies that we will LOVE.

On one side of the equation we have netflix (telling you what to watch) = on the other side we have Epagogix (telling the producers what to produce)

Where is myself in the equation.



List of mining techniques used by NetFlix



  • hande candan

    as longs as humans are predictable, why shouldn’t programs predict what you would like to watch? of course there will be some outliers which will always show up exceptions in the formulas and results… i like the netflix idea and use of this prediction tool, as it allows them to deliver my orders faster to me, but doesn’t influence my selections. yet i am not sure about Epagogix, i think as a consumer, i can select not to like their films…

    isn’t google also doing this already starting from their panda update happened sometime this year? aren’t they trying to use a newly developed machine-learning algorithm to predict the best results for your query?

    i think predictive tools are used everywhere. although people like Steve Jobs are not predictable, we – the common majority – is very predictable, so thus they are very useful.

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