50 Times a Second measure and correct: Quad copters and Algorithms



I had previously blog entries about quadcopters and Tenis. But I have noticed the new TED Talk that every science or math’s or physics fan should listen to. I feel like building one myself? Iam just considering if I should or not Smile. Mean while it is interesting to note the details about the platform. 50 miliseconds (that means 20 times a second) the systems makes calculations and a new iteration, taking into consideration about the differentials as well. New Aurdinos are fast enough to power but I was wondering if they were that powerful to run such algorithms. Once more I admired the open source Aurdinos.

Flying quadcopters

I decided to move into more details. I have noticed many good initiatives. I wonder if we have our Turkish Aurdino groups are working on such projects.

any how enjoy the show if you have not watched it.

Then I found this one. Older but even better. Watch until end.


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