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I had not been bloging much lately shame on me 🙂 Last week after many months I had the opportunity to visit our Palo Alto office. Thanks to the team I had a chance to discuss the hot subjects. when I got back I could not stop investitating on the following technologies. Namely opensource world.

If you google on the top opensource technologies with the measured on the basis of received activity you would more or less have the following list

1- Linux: 2- Git 3- MySQL 4- Node.js 5- Docker 6- Hadoop 7- Elastic 8- Spark 9- MangoDB 10- Tensorflow

Looking at the list one would argue we are still in the OPS and DB world. Proud to see Git collaboration in the second place becouse the future of cloud computing is all about collaboration and micro services. But never the less the list does not change much if you look at the to 50 opensource activity.


1- BlockChain is still in early phases. No stack is listed in the top percentile

2- Developers still spend too much time on operating system level and DB level. Linux, MySQL, Hadoop, Elastic, Mango, Spark – half out of to 10 is listed as a part of this initiative. (we can ne be proud of this but unfortunately this is the reality)

3- Container world is striking big time: Docker is a big bet. They were barely making 5M USD and their valuation was over a billion USD. This is called a real Unicorn 🙂 Never the less what they are after is being challaneged by Kubernetes (Developed by google to run in compute platform) Guess who is the new CEO of docker 🙂 Good luck Steve

4- Machine learning is still lacking developer support. It is still in early phases.

Proud to notice as SAP we are supporting all of those names with huge commitments. There is more to be said for each one of them but you need to attent one of my presentations to hear 🙂 Keeping the interesting observations for the keynote 🙂



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