Winning back the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)


You all know I love “google”. I really appreciate the company and how it had changed the world, BUT a big “but” has emerged over time. I used to love them when they were naive and simple. I loved the site because there was nothing but search. No banners, fancy adds what so ever on the site. Just simple search bar. But today “google” emerged into a giant it is manipulating our choices. It is no more the company that I used to like.

BUT what can I do it is as it is, right ?…. I do not think so. There must be others having a question mark as well.

Let me just give a quick update.

21 September 2005 in Wall Street Journal “In a Shift, Marketers Beef Up Ad Spending Inside Stores” was published as a game changer. In this article large CPG companies talked about how they were winning at the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) eff-mot as they read. Or how to nail down a continues experience at the Second Moment of Truth (SMOT) es-mot as they read it. Those were amazing times… The logic was working significantly flawless until mid 2008.


Mid 2008 Google started promoting a new concept called ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth – (zee-mot) Jim Lecinski was the guy promoting it and he come up with the book ZMOT early 2011. The idea was simple but powerful.


Google was talking about a time stamp much closer to the consumer and they just stepped in between the shelf and the stimulus. When ever there was a demand roughly 70% of the consumers were asking google what to do with the demand. They grabbed the ZMOT and ever since they are the brokers of our stimulus. Today the game is more scattered when you think about all those mobile and social technologies that we all have. The new ZMOT diagram is more multi-channel.


NOW this is where we are today. BUT I think it is time for a new world. If we all believe in SOLOMO – Social Local Mobile then second dimension can be an interesting game changer. Ofcourse Google is investing too much to become local but in most of the purchases proximity matters. I will talk about proximity in my next blog post but for the time being just imagine who should claim their position back from Google and how they can do it.
TO BE Continued… !


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