Living Longer – Learning from an Ultimate Question of Life


Eversince the begining of human kind we have been asking the same question. Can we live longer? Can we have a healthier life?

I can not think of any better application area for modern life sciences. We have been expriencing quite great improvement since 1900

we nearly doubled it since 1900. We are at the border of 70’s.

Life expectancy was driven mainly by improvements in sanitation, housing, and education, causing a steady decline in early and mid-life mortality, which was chiefly due to infections. This trend continued with the development of vaccines and then antibiotics. By the latter half of the twentieth century, there was little room for further reduction in early and mid-life mortality.

Now it is time to go into mechanics of aging. We are focused on what is going on in the cell itself. This means DNA, RNA, Protein paths. Those are pure application areas for what we call big data and Appllied Maths. Now we are more and more focused on Machine Learning to understand what is going on in side the cell itself.

We have discovered many killer components to some of the solutions, but they are in the early phases of clinical trials. (I am sure some crazy people are trying them without any approvals but this is not my focus area :))

What we need to understand

1- There is no enique solution to mega problems of Humankind

2- The solution can only be find in collaboration of different skills and teams

3- In all areas of focus we need to challange what we learned and unlearn if possible

4- We need to make modern systems work with us. Currently the name of the game is high performance computing in AI

Humankind will not be lucky enough to find an other antibiotics like medicine.


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