FTMO Challange 4–Passed


Consolidated FTMO Results

Date Result Drawdown Return Aggregate Return
27 Feb 12 March 3.4% 5.3% 25.3%
6 Feb 19 Feb 5.84% 7.0% 19%
3 Jan 16 Jan 5.5% 5.0% 11.2%
18 Dec 31 Dec 3.3% 5.9% 5.9%



During the Free Trial trading period, you’ve traded 9 trading days and so the objective for a minimum of 5 trading days was met. In total, you opened 91 positions, and on average, you traded 10.1 positions a day.

Your success rate was 68.13%. This win rate was accompanied by a negative RRR (Reward to risk ratio) with the value 0.91. With a negative RRR it is relatively difficult to succeed in trading and in the Free Trial. A negative RRR means that you are closing lower profits over the losses. Consequently, there might be a pressure for a higher success rate which is not always sustainable in a long run. However, this is not relevant to all trading systems. The average profitable trade was $98.77 and the average losing trade was -$108.76. The ratio between the maximum reached profit (Max. profit) $536.98 and maximum loss (Max. loss) -$365.24 is 1.47, which signals a positive ratio. The total profit for the evaluation period reached $2,969.96






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