Best Examples for Signal Trading


Link is the key stats of for the 196 signals that I am following.

As of 28/May/2023: out of 195 tracked signals 77 discontinued. 32 in monthly loss with average -16%, 86 of them in monthly win with average +8%. 23 of them (best of the best) have a monthly gain of +20% in average.

Ok one might have 20% monthly gain but is this a sustainable model? how does the growth look like over time? Is it really profitable or do winners blow up their accounts?


Rule #1 – Trading is not investing…. In trading you are engineered to loose… No one can win forever.. Sooner or later you will blow up your account. The question is net net if you made profit or not. If you keep your account stable and if you do not take out your profit from your account you wil 100% loose all the gains. You must set a target and once target is reached you must withdraw your gains.

Greedy signal traders keep their funds too long and burs their accounts. (How long should I wait is an other art… I will keep it for and other post)


out of 196 signals – (some free some paid signals form MQL5. Why is not important … I just had programmed automations that can run smoothly on the site. this is the only reason. Any other similar service provider can be used. (my other favorites are and


Back to best signal analysis

Name: High success rate breakthrough


9X growth since signal start.


Trades: 2375 Profit Trades: 1373 (57.81%) Best trade: 50797.62USD

Worst trade: -15442.80USD Maximum consecutive wins: 12(7609.74USD) Maximal consecutive profit: 106862.03 USD(9)

Max deposit load: 10.35% Trades per week: 7 Avg holding time: 12 minutes

Max Drawdown: 22.5%

Algo trading: 99%


Name: Undefeated Triangle


46X since inception


name: DT02AP11S10310MV


18X since signal Start.


I have given 3 different examples. They are all rule based signals. There is very little manual intervention which has its down and upsides.

In the original post you can view all signals that I am following. Those are the initial sample size and you can have a lidt of 2000 signals in the excel download also. The art of finding the right method to filter noise and signal is an art. I will deep dive on the maths in the following months. Keep following.


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