Drifting Fish Farms Hawaii Big Island – Exprience for Turkey


Fish Farms had always been a problem for the environment. When it comes to hawaii the problem is the same. Like in Turkey they have a natural resource to protect while all entrepreneurs are keen on making good profit. Just to give you an idea the size of negative trade balance due to fresh sea fish is around 10 billion dolars.

2in032gyThe Kampachi fish of Kona (sashimi-grade seafood) is a good example. I have not taste it but it is one of those valuable fishes for sashimi. US fish farms are trying to grow them in open sea fish farms but due to the fact that it is highly regulated it is not easy to get a license. ( I am glad that it is difficult) Mexico is highly supportive for such initiatives.

Can we eliminate the price to pay ? Can we make a sustainable aquaculture?




http://www.kampachifarm.com/ is just one initiative with Velella project.

The Question is can we use the same floating system for other type of fish in Turkey. Now see the photo below. What does it look like.

Work with new species is also on the cards. As well as the giant grouper, Sims wants to work with a very high value, herbivorous reef fish, which is not well known outside of the Pacific islands


A Photo from Turkey. The same story with a different loaction. I will try to visit the farm in Kona. Lets see. gip3u4zf


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