Can Algorithyms Paint?


As some of you might recall I love digital art. Until recently I was trying to figure out a method to mimic human behavior in painting. I use PolarGraph by Sandy Noble. He is a great guy. He really made life easier for those who wants to start robotics for painting.

I have tried many different programs and painting techniques


This is the original Photo


This is hand made real art


This is Art turned into digital art. Now the question starts to blink. Is this my artwork or not. This was drawn by an algorithm. Does this make it still my work? Does it really look the same? if I tune the parameters of this program and get different revised photos, is it still my Art work? Millions of questions come to mind.

Let me continue:


This is what you get if you paint it with PolarGraph. With this method  you can paint it as big as a 5 store building. I would suggest you to read also my eyewriter blog post. It used a different technique but ended up with a digital art done with a movement in our eyes.

Ok. Lets face the harder question. One can argue that those digital art pieces were made by interaction of Human at some point. You might argue if it was significant or insignificant but there was some human interaction.

Lets go full algorithmic. No human but all based on calculation and purely computer vision processing.


Lets get a simple photo. And create a account in

Let’s see the end results.

20 19 18 17 16 15 14 11 12 13 8

Now let me re ask the question. Can Algorithms paint?
If you think you can clearly distinguish between human made and machine generated art give it a try.

Here is a test you can take online. Let me know how you score



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