Industry 4.0 Panel and Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Dr Faruk Ozlu


Thanks for Invitation of Capital Magazine. They have hosted me in a Panel discussion that was fully attended by our Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Dr Faruk Ozlu. I have tried to paint the challanges for Turkey and how we can play right to get a better position in Industry 4.0 adaption. This revolution is much different that all those that preceded. In previous industry revolutions there was a giant barrier for entry. Access to electricity was an issue for the 2nd industry revolution or access to computing power was scarce in the 3rd one. In this revolution everybody is having more or less same level of access to all those game changers. There is no barrier for entry and if we can not claim or own position in leaders quadrant we can just blame our own approach to development.

You can watch the live stream from the link below

Access to Capital Recording: LINK


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