Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.5 Performance Evaluation using Fusion-io Solid State Memory


sybase ASE on Fusion io2


SSD offers low I/O latency, a superior read and write bandwidth and IOPS when compared to HDD. Higher throughput in terms of transactions per minute is observed when SSD is the choice of storage device  for ASE. The metric for performance comparison however depends also on overall system price. Since the price difference in terms of $/GB comparing SSD and HDD is still significantly high, the tradeoff between performance gain versus price ratio has to be evaluated in details to ensure overall positive gain from the SSD adoption.

With respect to the OLTP benchmark that we ran during our evaluation of SSD usage in the ASE environment we have the following conclusions:

Using  an  all SSD device speeds up the  operational scalability by up to 7X when compared to an all HDD setup.
SSD usage for database backup and recovery reduced the operation time by up to 5X
Using SSD  for a log-only device in optimal ASE configuration, increases throughput by 1.65X
including both data and logging in SSD with an optimal configuration, increases throughput up to 1.81X
In a system experiencing data growth, when cache sizes are insufficient to store most hot tables and indexes, moving all data and logging to an SSD device increases performance throughput up to 13X
When CPU utilization is high (>90%), using  an  SSD  setup does not increase the performance. SSD gives a performance boost when I/O is determined to be the primary bottleneck.

For Details Sybase-ASE15.5-Fusion-io-WP.pdf

sybase ASE on Fusion IO



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