Germany 7 Brazil 1 – How does Real Time Sport Analytics Change Football?


Brazil vs Germany: Semi Final - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

I Just wanted to high light the great technology behind such a score.
1- For ages we had been depending on our Coaches to coach the team and bring up the performance of 11 players in over the football field.
2- Later on sports world discovered the “Money ball” facts. Some key data about the players were revealing interesting facts about the player performance and helped sports experts understand and build new approach based on the collected data.
3- By the design of sexy visualizations about the collected data, sport experts started analyzing a massive set of data by visualizations.
4- NOW IT is time for the 4th phase. REAL TIME analysis. No post processing. Full enrichment on the spot with real time past data. Overlay analysis on augmented reality and help to understand the deeper insights by data mining techniques.

Level by level sports will go in this route. The match btw Germany (which is powered by SAP HANA real time sport analytics) Brazil hopefully nailed the reality down.

Back in few years ago I had the opportunity to spend time with Garry Kasparov and his claim was simple “any two mid class players can beat any grand master with the help of a computer” Man and Machine is a killer combination. It is just starting in world of sports. Germany will have the cup. No question mark !

See my interview in TRT 2 weeks before the Germany Brazil match. I talk about future of Sports (In Turkish)


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