Active ACADEMY 4. Risk Yönetimi Zirvesi

risk zirvesi2

Active ACADEMY 4th Risk Management Summit will take place at 25th February 2010 in SwissOtel İstanbul.

The economic downturn which began in 2007 and will continue through 2010 is expected to be amongst the most severe financial and economic crisis since 1929. Turkey has shown resilience in this global downturn due to a healthy banking sector, a more flexible economic structure and a quick response from policy makers. Rise in credit rating of Turkish economy is also an evidence of its resilience against economic crisis. Nevertheless, risks and vulnerabilities still remain as it is in the rest of the world.

Some topics that will be discusssed in the 4th Risk Management Summit include risk map of Turkey and emerging countries, risk agenda of CRO’s, new regulations and risks in “new normal” period. The Risk Summit will bring together business leaders and risk experts to consider how they should prepare their companies for the future.

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